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Programmer Extraordinaire
Web Host
Founder of Golden Sun Hacking Community, and programmer of the Golden Sun The Lost Age Editor.

With the help of Charon he keeps the site running smoothly by handling the majority of the coding, and back-end work on the forums & website.  His main job however is the development of the GS TLA Editor.  Being the only person involved in it's creation he handles every aspect of the program's development from dissecting GS's data formats for research, UI design, programming, and anything else you could imagine.

Although he's been programming in various languages since around the age of 10 Golden Sun was his first attempt at any form of ROM hacking.  His other hobbies include drawing & 3D modeling.  He is currently stationed at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska as a Technical Applications Specialist in the United States Air Force.
The Dragoomba
The self titled Overlord of Comedy and resident dragoon, prefers to just be called Kain.  Favorite Paper Mario partner is usually the Goomba and has combined the two to make a Dragoomba for a fan RP at one point.  Outside of that, Kain can usually be found reading or playing some other game which might mean it'll take a bit to get his attention.
Lord Squirtle
His Sexiness
Mercury Clan
If you want to learn more about me, you have to get to know me through the forums! Or meet me at the Day Care... ;)

Today at 05:59:38 PM
Fox: Oh! Precent is the typo. :P Not sure why I didn't notice. Supposed to be percent. (Both are "precent" and "percent" are valid words, though... soo..)
Today at 05:57:53 PM
Fox: Wonder what*
Today at 05:57:41 PM
Fox: Thanks! So it is as I thought.... Wonder happened to  Downloads_GetStarsByPrecent() , anyway? No typos?
Today at 05:45:41 PM
Fox: I'm betting on no, but doesn't hurt to make sure.
Today at 05:42:48 PM
Fox: I wonder.... Does the fatal error go away on the home page if someone rates my latest download? (Can't rate your own downloads.)
Today at 05:26:35 PM
Lord Squirtle: Aah, okay sounds good.
Today at 05:22:55 PM
Caledor: @Squirtle: very minor it's about some box position width and height in the battle menu. i've already found a few of the values i needed, i'll include the details in the thread later
Today at 05:22:18 PM
Fox: 080AA066 in GS1
Today at 05:18:30 PM
Lord Squirtle: Also, Baransu: I write my last exam today so I'll probably check out the Intellect bugs either later today or tomorrow (ET on 25/04/17).
Today at 05:17:27 PM
Lord Squirtle: I'm very interested in reading about this graphic tweak.
Today at 04:42:18 PM
Caledor: i also got an idea for a minor graphic tweak, i'll probably make a post about it later cause i need help for that
Today at 04:41:39 PM
Caledor: as soon as i found the matching function in TBS lol
Today at 04:39:10 PM
Caledor: Hey Fox, I just noticed your newest patch: great idea, i'm seriously considering about adding it to my mod.
Today at 09:34:42 AM
Fox: No, I don't want chicken soup, thank you.
Today at 02:39:29 AM
Claros Flamestrike: There we go. Beep boop chicken soup.
Today at 02:09:57 AM
Claros Flamestrike: Hrm. Yeah, should probably topic it up. Dunno why I didn't think about it. Probably because I had been awake for 20+ hours and was withdrawing on my meds. lmao
Today at 12:39:44 AM
Fox: @GS2 = 030000E8 = Icon menu pointer .... (When in Normal A/Select button menu, or Shop, etc... but may not include all menus.... such as the Battle menu.... which is at 030000E4.) ; 030000E8 > (Follow pointer) ... (e.g.02037230) + 0x8C ... should be the number representing the item selected.....
Today at 12:31:26 AM
Fox: Sounds like you have a detailed plan going. Maybe it deserves a topic? Hm...
Today at 12:09:17 AM
Claros Flamestrike: For all I know, though, Camelot might NOT be assholes like SE, who make their games' logic flags require a freaking cipher to understand. Meaning that a single address might be all we need to bring up any menu, similar to adding options to the Start menu via changing a whopping ONE address.

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